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Full disclosure: Mark started out as an actor. But don't let that stop you reading on. You may even recognise him from his Neighbours days, where he played Dr Karl Kennedy's drummer in his band The Right Prescription. Unsurprisingly, there wasn't a lot of work out there for a fledgling actor, so Mark decided to jump on the other side of the arena and start creating his own works across film and theatre.

In short, Mark discovered that he was pretty good at making stuff.

Pretty soon, the passion for being in front of the camera gave way to a thirst for the making of all of this stuff, so he set out to make as much of it as he could. Mark then realised that whilst all of this stuff was being created and heck, some of it (maybe 60%) was actually pretty good, there were no eyeballs to view any of it, so he had to figure out a way to sell all of that stuff. At this point, he carted himself back to Uni to study Marketing and Communications.

Clutching this new degree in his hands, he jumped straight into a role running marketing campaigns for large scale theatre productions such as the Australian touring productions of Les Mis and Strictly Ballroom in a two year stint with full service Marketing Agency, AKA Australia. Mark then moved onto a role as Content Producer / Digital Strategist at boutique creative agency, Paper Moose.

At Paper Moose, Mark produced content for Vivid, Universal Music, Spotify, Mishka Vodka, EPA and City Of Sydney. 

After two years at Paper Moose, Mark then spent 2 years working as a Producer with the Big Red Group and is now employed as Producer for The Brand Agency.

Mark is the proud co-founder of two independent theatre companies; the Green Room Award nominated Pursued by Bear and Hucklebuck Productions.



p: 0400 102 606